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Xiao Lei: China needs Aunt economy

Datetime: 2014-02-13     View: 1708

"Ma'am economy" is not a title, China about 400 million or so "aunt" consumer groups (women between 30-65 years of age), family funds either directly or indirectly dominated more than 40 trillion yuan, hold the hands of cash nearly 10 trillion yuan. With the advent of social family values return to China, as well as the cumulative effect of wealth, Chinese women inside the family's influence further enhanced.

"Ma'am economy" is not a title, China about 400 million or so "aunt" consumer groups (women between 30-65 years of age), family funds either directly or indirectly dominated more than 40 trillion yuan, hold the hands of cash nearly 10 trillion yuan.

The shadow of China and other eastern countries matriarchal society heavier, with the West "patriarchal" Compared to the independent spirit of respect for cultural traditions, Oriental culture is more family-oriented and emotion intertwined. While globalization is changing the various differences between East and West, but the two modes bred out of some deep-rooted thinking more or less still dominate the different consumption patterns, but also indirectly affect the future of business and a country's economy .

Early in 2012, Southwestern University of Finance would have done a Chinese family financial investigation, and released the first "Chinese household financial survey report." The report shows that the average Chinese household financial assets of 63,800 yuan. In household financial assets, the highest proportion of bank deposits for 57.75%; cash Secondly, accounting 17.93%; share third, accounting for 15.45%; the fund was 4.09%; bank financial products accounted for 2.43%.

As can be seen, bank deposits and cash accounts for 75% of household financial assets in China, which with China's high savings resident data match. This also shows that Chinese families for the "Chinese Mother" Consumer deposits and cash are more than enough.

Some also say that the West is the left brain, accustomed to a rational logic, the East is the right brain, good emotional insight. In this domination, the West a stronger sense of personal consumption, higher independence, household spending will not be tied to one person, while in the east, this "selfish" Western-style consumer behavior is often considered to be a "selfish" . That is why, in fact, Asians consume more families and more chains of scale.

"Ma'am economy" is not a title, China about 400 million or so "aunt" consumer groups (women between 30-65 years of age), family funds either directly or indirectly dominated more than 40 trillion yuan, hold the hands of cash nearly 10 trillion yuan. With the advent of social family values return to China, as well as the cumulative effect of wealth, Chinese women inside the family's influence further enhanced.

"Chinese Mother" strength not only in terms of figures, they at the whole family, "what to buy" or "what to buy" and other economic activities which play important roles. "Ma'am," not only for their own needs and their favorite consumer goods purchasing decisions, in the family, because they have to bear the grandmother, mother, daughter, wife, housewives and other roles, brought a series of household economic activities affect the entire market more widely.

In fact a family, the vast majority of the elderly supplies, women's cosmetics, children's products, male supplies, and kitchen, health and other home very consumer buyers are female. Men Women spend money phenomenon continuing higher. Further, since the "aunt" who along with careful comparisons and other qualities of mind, in the family of major spending on education, health care, housing and other issues also play an important role.

In 2008 the world into financial crisis, China was also affected, but the financial crisis and did not let China's economic structure has undergone significant change, with real estate as a pillar industry model is still strong. Especially after the Chinese government launched the 4 trillion economic stimulus plan, China began to spread credit. Then, Wenzhou and other historical accumulation of wealth is higher, for credit and other financial activities are relatively sensitive areas first appeared in "Mrs. real estate corporation" phenomenon. China's first non-governmental organizations for women Investment - Investment Club Wenzhou City News Wenzhou wife the tours are born.

"Chinese Mother" is called seems more vivid than the "Chinese wife" Some. Their impact on various industries from China's market began Wenzhou wife real estate corporation, out of control. Their stay in the shadow not only over each touted the market place, including in the areas of various agricultural products (8.61, -0.19, -2.16%), health care products, will continue to affect the costume jewelry, luxury goods, finance and investment, Fashion the future of various sectors of health, medical education, and even to most financial professionals are not very familiar bits coins they also actively understand and participate.

In April 2013 the international price of gold fell, according to the published reports, within China Aunt week consumed up to 300 tons of gold, under the mad rush to gold's move, China aunt finally famous. Then the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Oxford English Dictionary and other professionals create word "dama" to describe and define the "Chinese Mother" is like new vocabulary. Today, China has become a symbol of China aunt consumer market and the Chinese economy.

China aunt also growing, after years of experience, they are beginning to pay attention to efficiency and principles in terms of money, but is easy to chase those hot spots, focusing on family collective consumer attitudes, high surface detail requirements, investment, consumption relative impulse "female" feature does not seem to change much. It is impossible to change much.

If interpreted by some economists, the East in the modern economic and social life organization behind the West, did not make good use of the spirit of contract and financial tools, so people's social activities consumption and investment had to rely on relatives, friendship, love, and even not clear enough cost, low efficiency and other means of gossip among neighbors to maintain, specifically did not play well the modern financial market instruments, oriental women in the family and therefore investment, consumption patterns, to some extent, it is the performance of underdeveloped areas .

In fact this difference even if China becomes developed countries, can not be completely changed.

Chinese food on the plate that everyone take their food, loud noises of family consumption patterns, once thought to be unhealthy, a waste of time, but compared to hamburgers, fried chicken, steaks and other typical Western-style food a rigid one, Transform lunch time and a lot of dishes rich taste, enjoy the joy, more and more western consumers. Chinese medicine in the West, said it was not science, but in Europe, Japan, Korea and other developed countries, from the East, despite their lower degree of standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, but still popular, and the wide range of needs, a higher degree of commercialization.

East and West differences, like the differences between men and women, like men pay attention to the answers, women pay attention to the process, there are some things that never change. "Chinese Mother" is not only an important economic phenomenon of the Chinese market, but also the social and economic context of the entire East, "the mother," the Shadow.

Thus, if only to meet the needs of different people in this area, the Western companies is advocating to a service / product to achieve the ultimate, no matter what the product is for human use, but the East is more focused on providing different services / products, more consideration to different users. Take the high-tech electronics market, the mobile phone is the first invention of US companies, but above all to create a women-only mobile phone market is Oriental Enterprise.

The first phone is not between men and women, the colors are very monotonous one or two colors, and the concept of women-only cell phone is Samsung [microblogging] first proposed and market-oriented. 2001 Samsung introduced women-only mobile phone "enchanting Queen A408", stunning the globe. Then the mobile phone business was discovered that the phone can do so. Samsung which women-only handset prices prohibitively high, but still hot, since then, the phone began to miniaturization, volume become one of the criteria that people buy. Samsung in the mobile phone market is now able to achieve the fruits, with the Oriental culture determined to meet the different needs of women have a great relationship.

Later, a variety of electronic products and so actually follow Samsung's design philosophy, and more consumers start from how to impress women, innovative color and dexterity areas abound. In the East, this area has long been success stories. Prior to 1952, fans around the world are black, but Toshiba [microblogging] Electric Company from 1952 to fans painted in different colors, not only changed the company's sales, but also changed the whole fan future market.

It is said that, before the socks are priced according to the size of the numbers, big feet is much money to buy socks. Later, after the introduction of socks or small number were a price a seller sales model in Asia, the company increased sales of socks, but also the achievements of a famous entrepreneur.

Oriental wisdom from where? And the Western focus on "strategic" thinking compared to East sensibility of "tactical" Thought is not related with the stage of social development? In my opinion, it is a question of philosophy, but also the history of the problem, it is a scientific question. Economics has become a science, science in human progress of the case, give us what inspired him?

Philosophy and history of science scholar of Western science, the father of the history of science, George Sutton in his famous book "East and Western science," said the world history of science through his more comprehensive investigation and analysis draw two important conclusions: "Article One thing is the seed of the relevant science, including experimental science and math. sciences all forms of seed from the East. Thus, to a large extent, experimental science is not just the children of the West, but also the descendants of the East, the East is the mother, West is the father. "

He also pointed out that "the Oriental Scientific rude attitude taken by the people, for the people of Western civilization exaggerated, probably not scientists, most of whom neither understand scientific knowledge and new inspiration may still be, and indeed still come from the East, if We perceive this, we'll wiser. "

I think this is why Japan, South Korea and some other countries of Eastern enterprises to become competitive in the West, and the global market reason. Economics itself is an important basis for a scientific experiment, but also the government, enterprises, households, consumption, investment and other types of "science" how sustainable development.

Has started the scientific revolution of globalization, the Internet, new energy-driven, the ancient Greek text of this scientific revolution Sutton cited as "light from the east, from the west to the law." This was interpreted as inspiration and The idea is Eastern science, and specific tools and methods of the West.

Regardless of the "Chinese Mother" or the process of the Japanese economy appeared "Mrs. Watanabe", and even the East "Aunt economy", are not the product stage. China needs "Mother Economy", if "Aunt economy" ignored, more companies and products will be abandoned by the market.

Especially in the Oriental culture return, China accelerated the pace of aging in the coming decades, "Aunt economy" will not end with the progress of the system changes and the times disappear, only more and more influential. Like the "Internet economy", as once there, it is difficult to disappear.

(The author describes: Financial Columnist)

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