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Talent concept is the enterprise and talent, love people, rational development of talent, use and retain qualified personnel, enhance thinking and values to guide talent. Man proposes, God disposes also people. Only rich people rich!


    Summarizes the current characteristics of each business to determine the concept of talent can be determined from the following aspects:

    1, from the company's senior human basic assumptions, such as the management of Theory X and Theory Y assumptions humanity. In under two assumptions to determine the concept of talent is not the same. Not only take into account the different needs of the human environment are met should also consider the impact of human performance factors, notably the later the people's feelings into account factors come in, "respect for the individual", "humane management" on Many companies became pursue the concept of talent.

    2, to determine from the relationship between employers and employees on location. Location of this relationship on the division of labor between different enterprises, job evaluation, salary allocation are reflected. Concept of Japanese companies, "We are a team," and the concept of US companies is "hiring the best people." At the time of recruitment and selection, Japanese companies emphasized that the spirit of cooperation, while US companies emphasize that individual ability. This is the day the United States and a joint venture in view of the appointment of the general manager of diametrically opposite reasons.

    3, from the requirements of the employee's behavior on positioning. This is most obvious comparison is the "rational management" and "swift action" of the difference, or "compliance culture" and "carry forward the personality of innovation" in two different idea. In two such different concept of talent, enterprise senior management personnel requirements, selection, evaluation methods there are also significant differences.

    4, dealing with personnel from the attitude positioning, such as Haier's "race horses", IBM's "internal selection and culture." As some companies, employees work for 10 years in a row, chairman and CEO without the prior approval of the company shall not be classified as temporary layoffs and permanent dismissal of the object, so that the corporate culture to inspire staff enthusiasm played a very big role .

    Vague concept of talent is the biggest cause harm discontinuity company personnel policy. Because there is no clear concept of talent, the company's personnel policy will be because small changes in the internal or external environment changed, and the company's own employees should know how to do is right, the end result is the standard of conduct of employees diversity and variability, resulting in too many employees invalid behavior, affect the full play of human resources.